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Tips for Storing Wine at Home Without a Wine Cellar

Recently, Laurel Glen Vineyard enjoyed collaborating with RedFin to help provide tips for storing wine for those without a wine cellar at home. 

Read more below and follow the link for a full set of tips and tricks you can try. 

"Wine lovers span across the United States consuming 4 billion bottles of wine in just one year! But many of you may question whether you’re storing your beloved bottles correctly. Even if your home isn’t equipped with a wine cellar, you can still store wine in ideal conditions to preserve and maximize aging potential..."

-- RedFin, February 14, 2020
By Lexi Klinkenberg

Avoid heat and sunlight

The best place to store wine in your home is in a cool, dark place where the temperature doesn’t change much over the course of the year.

Ideally, this would be... View The Article >>