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Visit Us Virtually 

Come 'visit' us from the comfort and safety of your living room! Invite friends, family, clients, co-workers and let us help you create an entertaining, intimate and informative experience.
What to Expect: Your host will share highlights from the 40 plus year history of our estate and fun facts about our Sonoma Mountain wine growing region. We will also lead your group through a sensory exercise, encouraging people to make aroma and flavor connections with common pantry items. Expect the virtual tasting to last about an hour, the same as an actual visit to Laurel Glen.

Email to create your custom experience






Please check out our Event Calendar for upcoming one of a kind virtual tasting experiences and partnerships


Here's what people have been saying about our Virtual Wine Tastings:
"The wines were amazing and I learned so much about organic farming!" - George from NJ

“I wasn’t sure how it would work - virtually, but it was a wonderful experience.  I humbly suggest you continue offering them virtually when we are back to “in-person” events.” –Jonathan, VA


Please email to set up your custom tasting